Workshops and Individual Coaching:

Initiated in 1985 in a tantric path and socio-spiritual movement Ananda Marga (The Path of Bliss), I have been involved in personal training and service projects around the world including working with progressive schools, eco-communities, social activists I

have  been on the path for over 25 years. Read more about theTantric Path.

It always felt so healthy to stretch, bow or even twist into a yoga posture. The resulting flow of prana (life force), and the balancing of my hormones and chakras were the perfect tools for my physical and emotional well being. There was also the mind that needed to be tamed as the receiver of the most subtle melodies. And still there was more. As I continued my quest I encountered the vastness of the mysterious. I became a witness to a mystical love between me and the universe…

I invite you too to explore your body and mind going beyond limitation into the realm of the vast cosmic intelligence. Awaken your spirit and become linked to the supreme source.