In 1979 I started an adventure in contemporary “free dance”. In the following 10 years as a part of a group of enthusiastic young people, I explored, co-created and performed on the stage, in the city sites and in the nature. It was a memorable time of being free, authentic, creative and in touch with my inner world.

After learning about the existence of Indian Classical dance I jumped into another adventure and went to live and study in India. A whole new world opened to me. Subtle hand gestures (mudras), movements of the eyes and facial expression are combined with vigorous and precise foot work. Unlike free dance, everything is prescribed and exact and yet leads to another level of profound inner harmony and freedom. When the narrative part is added to the dance the ideation of the story leads to the ecstatic experience. No wonder the original form of Bharata Natyam (and other classical dances of the Indian subcontinent) was given by a great tantric yogi Sadashiva.

Upon returning to Switzerland I continued learning that same style as well as Carana dance from B. Dejung and D. Delorme.

As my children grew bigger, I took an opportunity to learn Oriental dance under the guidance of H. Abdin. Six beautiful years of weaving the feminine, flowing with the rhythm of tarabuka, exploring my Balkan roots and remembering many “ring dances” from that territory.

I had some experience with Balinese dance, Flamenco, Roma dance and different folk dances.

I participated in several Circle dances and dance regularly with the children in my kindergarten.

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Tatjana Turquoise

Staefa, Switzerland

For me dance is more than a choreography of beautiful movements, definitely more than good fitness, even more than a fantastic story which my soul wants to share with the world. 
It is who I am as an individual being.