Workshops and Individual Coaching:

My work with color is a synthesis of Aura Soma color therapy, the Loving Wisdom approach as well as a deep understanding of the yogic science of chakras and color. Read more about the path of color.

Was pink my favorite color when I was 3 years old? Very likely. Green was definitely my favorite after my heart was broken. I filled up my wardrobe with green clothes until it mended, Unexpectedly, brown dominated my life when I was thrown into new unfriendly circumstances and sought protection and comfort. As Mother Earth embraces all her creatures, brown embraced me until I felt strong and safe again. A few colors seem forever present in my life. as if they have deeper meaning for me and they do!

I invite you too to dive into the colors of your existence. Learn about their profound meaning and paint a new portrait of yourself.

Discover your own depths through color therapy.